Maintenance Tips


Fitness Equipment Maintenance Tips

Keep all moving parts well oiled and free from debris.
Use high quality lubricants (Available from
Keep all surfaces clean from sweat and residue.
Keep treadmill deck well lubricated to avoid overloading the Power Board and Motor.
Investigate any unusual noises before they become a more serious problem.
Regular service intervals are more cost effective than replacing seriously worn parts.

If you have any questions contact us service @ for advice.

Service checklist (what we do)

· Remove dirt and debris from motors, vents and circuit boards.

· Inspect wire harnesses and connections.

· Lube all chains, bearings, bushings, rollers, pulleys and pivots.

· Sand build up corrosion from motor flywheels and rollers (where applicable).

· Check condition of motor commutator and brushes (clean motor commutator where applicable).

· Check condition of alternators (where applicable).

· Remove covers, clean and vacuum out interiors.

· Check condition and alignment of all drive belts, chains and cables.

· Align and tighten walking belt.

· Lubricate belt and deck.

· Inspect condition of all bearings and bushings.

· Inspect all other parts for wear and function.

· Tighten loose crank arms, belts and pulleys.

· Check calibration of elevation sensors, re calibrate if necessary.

· Grease drive assemblies and elevation drive systems.

· Check machine function and operation.

· Clean exterior with polish / sealer.

· Run amp / friction tests to test wear on belts and decks.

· Clean and check speed sensors.

· Complete audible inspection of motor, crank and roller bearings.