About Us

Our engineers have been working in the fitness industry since 1996 and have seen many brands come and go from the British market. We have been involved in the design and repair of many different types of fitness equipment.

We are also experts in the installation and relocation of fitness equipment and can offer free advice regarding your requirements for this.

At Gym-Repair.co.uk, we are fully trained in the installation and relocation of all types of fitness equipment, so you can be rest assured that your kit is in good hands!

We can also transport your equipment to wherever you need it (whether it’s moving rooms or moving locations). All equipment is fully insured whilst in our vehicles.

We can help you with this and would be happy to supply you with a quotation for this service.

Contact us for an informal chat or quote.

Why choose gym-repair.co.uk ?

We are experts in maintaining gym equipment and we have 17 years experience in the installation and repair of all makes and models of fitness 

We understand the need to keep your equipment running to perfection and keep your clients happy or your own personal goals on track.

Coving ALL the major cities/towns, but specialising in the areas of:

Manchester ~ Liverpool ~ Birmingham ~ Nottingham ~ Northampton ~ Luton ~ London

Servicing, maintaining and installing:


Treadmills ~ Cross Trainers ~ Bikes ~ Indoor Cycles ~ Rowing Machines ~ Vibration Plates ~ Resistance Equipment ~ Free Weight Machines